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learn with edhack and pay us back only if you make more than ₹5,000 a month

edhack is on a mission to make it easy to learn on your own

You commit 12-hours over 2 weeks for learning a skill of your choice. Access our online content and live sessions OR attend the offline class.

Use our industry connections to land an opportunity and pay us back only if you make more than ₹5,000 a month. If we do a bad job, we shouldn’t get paid. ;)

Leverage our network to optimise your income and learn additional skills. Build independent relationships with companies for your career.

1. Setup your social media accounts & research your target audience

2. Get you a domain landing page, company email id

3. Run 10 targeted ads about your business on Facebook & Instagram

4. Build an automated chatbot

5. Create 15 graphical social media posts to drive engagement

6. Send upto 5 optimised newsletters to your mailing list

7. Write 5 professional blogs about your product and business

8. Understand engagement numbers & build your digital strategy