us & our partners

We are a Delhi based learning company on a mission to enable more people to learn on their own.

Edhack was born out of, a campaign that Akshat and Akshay ran in May 2018.

We set out to promote alternative ways of learning and earning a livelihood. But we realised there weren’t actually many spaces outside mainstream universities to do that.

We chose upskilling via Income Sharing Agreements as our first challenge to solve. We hope to expand the programme to many other areas soon.

We are supported by Silicon Valley-based Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation.

With early investments in Google and Paypal, they have an enviable portfolio of companies across the US, South Asia and Africa. Check them out here.

Yuvam Action Fund is a Chennai-based youth centered fund for early and growth stage companies. Their seed investments range from $10,000 and $30,000.

Yuvam counts ASHOKA and MITSUI & CO as partners. Visit Yuvam's site for more.