learn a new skill

edhack trains students in skills for remote gigs.

After you finish the 12-hour course with us, we connect you to related earning opportunities. You pay us back only if you make above ₹5,000 a month.

edhack's Income Sharing Agreement (ISA)

The agreement is designed to minimise the risk for both you and edhack.

  • You pay us 25% of your income for 2 months only if we help you make more than ₹5,000.
  • You never pay upwards of ₹10,000. Alternatively, you can pay us ₹10,000 in course fee upfront.
  • If you don’t get a task in 2 months, you don’t pay anything.

Some Quick Questions

What if I don’t make ₹5,000 as promised by you?

Then you don’t pay anything at all, simple. You should pay only if what you learn is of utility to you.

What if I make more money than expected?

You’ll never pay more than ₹10,000. Once that is done, you get to keep all of your money. Alternatively, you have the option of paying an upfront fee for the course and have no future obligations.

Does the Income Sharing Agreement in India have any legal status?

An ISA is a legally enforceable contract like any other valid contract. We are happy to connect you with legal advice outside edhack for more details.

Can I pursue this along with my full-time degree at college?

Absolutely! In fact, we started edhack to help people learn what they’d really love to learn without financial pressures.

What happens if I quit the course midway?

You’d have two days without a contract to decide if this works for you. And if the answer is no, you are free to dropout.

Who are the instructors for the course?

We work with industry experts to design the courses. These are people with sharp focus on what you need to succeed.

Is there a specific education I’ll need for the course?

The programme is open to people from all courses and backgrounds. We do a basic compatibility check during the selection process but that’s about it.

Do I need to make myself physically available for the course?

The courses are taught via Live remote classes. You only need a stable internet connection and an engaged mind to participate.